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Mortgages for the self employed, company directors & contractors

If you are self employed, a company director, contractor or have an employment type which makes it difficult to prove your income, you'll benefit from the services of a specialist mortgage advisor. They'll scan the entire market to find the right mortgage for you, whether that is a standard mortgage from a high street lender or a mortgage from a specialist lender. Simply contact us for a no obligation quote.

A specialist advisor will consider your circumstances and advise you on the right mortgage, choosing from many of the UK's leading lenders including high street names and some specialist lenders that you wouldn't normally come across. 

Self certification mortgages

Until a few years ago, self certification enabled those employed, self employed, seasonal workers and contractors to borrow mortgage funds to their full earnings potential. True self certification means that the lender will not undertake any check of the income figure stated on the application by a prospective borrower. In other words you, the customer, declare your own earnings and you do not need to provide any proof. Of course, information you provide on a mortgage application must be truthful and accurate.

However, even though self cert is no longer offered by lenders, there are alternatives which may be suitable for you.

Research firm Datamonitor estimates that around 6 million people are in employment types which will come under the self employed umbrella as far as mortgage lenders are concerned.

Best deals

With access to the entire mortgage market in the UK, you'll get advice on the best mortgages suitable for the self employed. Whether it is variable, fixed, tracker, stepped tracker or capped, a broker can access the whole marketplace.

Exclusive & special deals

By utilising the services of a broker, you'll have access to some special deals that are only available through intermediaries.

Non standard employment

Many people with non-standard employment struggle to get a mortgage. Much of their income may be made up of overtime or bonuses (which mainstream lenders will usually take 50%). Often people are on short term contracts or have multiple occupations (again many lenders will only take 50% of the income from a second job). It is for these people that specialist mortgages is the only real way to secure the required funding.

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  • Recently self employed
  • Good or bad credit history
  • Contractors & freelancers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Income from multiple sources
  • Low net profits
  • Only 1 year of accounts