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If you are one of the many people who have CCJs issued against them, all is not lost when it comes to getting a mortgage as there are specialist lenders who won't think your past problems are insurmountable. 

A County Court Judgement (CCJ), is an official ruling against you when you have failed to pay a bill or repay a loan. This type of proceeding occurs when a creditor has taken you to court in order to retrieve the money you owe them. A CCJ is entered on your credit file and will remain there for six years even if you pay off what you owe.

Until fairly recently, if you had a CCJ you were practically regarded as a criminal by mortgage lenders. Thatís changed, with many lenders willing to offer mortgages to this group of people, usually through separately-branded companies that specialise in this area.

A specialist advisor can put you in touch with lenders who firmly believe that your past financial problems shouldnít be a barrier to securing a mortgage today. 

After all, itís not always someoneís fault if they have blotted their credit copybook and have a blackmark against their name. For example, a CCJ can be issued for merely missing a payment to a book club or a shopping catalogue or possibly as a result of getting into financial hardship as a student. People who have been through divorce or redundancy quite often default on payments, leading to arrears and quite often ending with a CCJ. 

Some lenders feel that these people can never be trusted with a mortgage, others are more sympathetic since then they may have had an entirely unblemished credit record since. For example, if a first-time buyer has, say, a couple of CCJs, some specialist lenders will work on the basis that they may not necessarily be the individualís fault.

Lenders vary in their position regarding County Court Judgements. Some will accept applications from people with CCJs, but only once they have been cleared. Others will consider applicants whose CCJ was for a value below a certain level, others allow applicants from people with multiple CCJs.

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